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Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chandigarh

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Chandigarh | Digital Graduates. Start a new career, earn big time, and make a name for yourself. All within six months. 

We welcome you to at Digital Graduates, the Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh 34 which gives its students the “Hands on” experience in Digital Marketing they need to succeed. 

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What You’ll Learn in Digital Graduates

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

You will learn how to optimize a website to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. You will learn about keywords, on-page optimization, link building, and more. SEO digital marketing course

Content Marketing:

At our digital marketing institute in Chandigarh, You will learn how to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience and drive profitable customer action.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:

You will learn how to create and manage campaigns on platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads. You will learn about keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and more.

Web Analytics:

You will learn how to measure and analyze the success of your digital marketing campaigns using tools like Google Analytics.

Social Media Marketing:

You will learn how to create and execute social media strategies to reach and engage your target audience. You will learn how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for marketing purposes.

Email Marketing:

You will learn how to design and send effective email campaigns to reach and engage your target audience. You will learn about email segmentation, subject lines, call-to-actions, and more.

Mobile Marketing:

At our Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh, you will learn how to reach your target audience on mobile devices through mobile apps, SMS, MMS, and more.

Digital Marketing Strategy:

You will learn how to develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing plan that aligns with your overall business goals advanced digital marketing course. digital marketing internship

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Chandigarh
Get Our Best Module

  • What is Domain
  • Basic Knowledge of World Wide Web
  • Difference Between Portal and Search Engine
  • What is Seo
  • Type of Seo Techniques
  • Black Hat Seo
  • White Hat Seo
  • How Search Engine Works.

  • The Page Title
  • Meta Keyword and Description
  • Heading
  • Bold Text
  • Domain Name and Suggestion
  • Canonical Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Images and Alt Text
  • Internal Link building and Sitemap
  • Invisible Text
  • Hosting and Server Testing
  • Robots Meta Tags
  • Doorway Pages
  • 301 Redirects
  • 404 Errors
  • Duplicate Content

  • Keyword Density Analyzer Tool
  • Google tool
  • yahoo/Bing Tool
  • Rich Snippet Text Tool
  • Link Popularity Tools
  • Search Engine Tools
  • Site Tools
  • Comparison Tool

  • Google Analysis
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Reports Submission
  • Securing Ranks

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research and analysis
  • Keyword Opportunity
  • Competitor Website
  • Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis of Website
  • How to Choose Best Keyword
  • Tools Available for keyword Research

  • Page Rank
  • Link Popularity
  • Link Building in details
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmark Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Articles
  • Links Exchange
  • Reciprocal Linking
  • Posting to forums
  • Submission to search Engine
  • RSS feed Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Competitor Link analysis

  • Understanding search engine marketing
  • Campaigning and adverting on Google AdWords
  • Organic and paid results
  • Google Adwords account billing setting
  • Improving the performance of search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Insight of SEO and PPC
  • Building digital content and content planningLearn link building to establish website credibility etc
  • Strategic planning with AdWords tools
  • Conversion tracking and campaign optimization

  • Content Research
  • Content Guidelines
  • Content Optimization
  • Design and Layout
  • XML Sitemap
  • URL Sitemap

  • Understanding social media
  • Importance of SMO
  • Content quality
  • Content optimization
  • Overview of branding
  • Social Media  Profile Creation
  • Profile Management
  • Creation of Fan page, group
  • Create a Campaign
  • Analysis and Optimize Campaign
  • Landing pages creation & optimization
  • Posts, notes, articles, images
  • Tangent audience
  • Event creation
  • Reputation management

  • What is PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Understand benefits &scope of PPC
  • Direct campaigns v/s branding campaigns
  • Keyword planner and keyword research
  • Understanding broad, exact and phrase keyword
  • d group structure and budget setting
  • Bidding, language, and targeted location on settings
  • Ad delivery and Ad rotation
  • Types of targeting
  • Advertisement reporting and analysis

  • Google Analytics
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • How to Study Google analytics
  • Interpreting Bars and Figures
  • How Google Analytics Help SEO
  • Advance Reporting
  • Webmaster Central Bing & Yahoo
  • Open Site Explorer


Professionals Trained

3 Month

Course Duration

Live Project

Training Based 

100% Practical Training & Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh

Are you looking to become the best digital marketer in the industry? Do you want to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing? Look no further! With our exclusive course, Digital Graduates, you can unlock your full potential and pave the way to a successful career in digital marketing. In this article, we will explore how our course can help you become the best digital marketer in the field and provide you with the expertise, authority, and trust you need to thrive.

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry in India, and staying ahead of the competition requires continuous learning and upskilling. Our exclusive course, Digital Graduates, is designed to equip you with the necessary tools, strategies, and techniques to excel in the digital marketing landscape. Let’s delve into how our course can help you become the best digital marketer.

Why Digital Graduates is Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Chandigarh ?

Out of hundreds of Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chandigarh, why should you choose Digital Graduates For Digital Marketing Full Course


Our curriculum covers all the latest digital marketing techniques and strategies. At our Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh, Get google certified digital marketing course & you will learn topics like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, mobile marketing, and more.

Career support:

Our Digital Marketing institute in Chandigarh provides career support after graduation, such as job placement services, interview preparation, and professional development.


Digital Graduates is the digital marketing institute in Chandigarh have the most experienced and qualified instructors with a good industry reputation digital marketing training institute from seasoned experts and get your career started in just six months flat.


We're the go-to choice of thousands of young students who want to learn Digital Marketing and start a new thriving career. Check our institute's online presence, and you'll see the good words people have to say about us.

Practice opportunities:

Not only do you learn the nuances of Digital Marketing, but you get hands-on experience as well. Digital Graduates offer practical training and hands-on experience through internships, projects, or live clients.

Feedback from past students:

We take extreme pride in our students' satisfaction rate. We're the only Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh that has achieved a 100% success rate regarding career advancement and job placement.


In Digital Marketing Field Every course have their own importance. The Most amazing course in digital marketing is 

-Social Media Marketing

-Search Engine Optimization

-Content Marketing 

-Online Reputation Management

-HubSpot Digital Marketing Training Course.

-Google Ads Training Course

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, digital marketing has emerged as a promising career option. With the widespread use of the internet and the increasing importance of online presence for businesses, the demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise. If you have an interest in marketing, a knack for creativity, and a passion for technology, digital marketing can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of digital marketing and discuss why it can be a good career choice for individuals.

Digital marketing offers excellent salary potential for professionals in the field. The remuneration depends on various factors, including experience, skills, expertise, job role, industry, and geographic location. While entry-level positions may have more modest salaries, digital marketing roles with expertise and experience can command higher pay scales.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, there are several steps you can take to get started and enter this dynamic field. Here's a guide on how to join digital marketing: